Hai Boomer

The Rebirth of the PRA!

The PRA has been reborn and has moved to



Site Moved!

Peoples Republic Army

Welcome to Blog. We are sorry to say but this site is no longer active.

..CollinZfresh’s old blog was deleted about 14 months ago or a year and two months ago..

..With over 300,000 hits it was one of the most successful blog of its time only being exceeded by RPF, UMA, ACP, Chewy, Dobby and paintboy in that exact order..

..This blog was set up as a relief site in order to re-stabilize the crisis but as the endorsements from the advertisers backed out CollinZfresh maturely left as well..

We would like to remember CollinZfresh for his past accomplishments by contributing to the most successful era of club penguin and to all the other armies of the

..reconstruction era..

(coined by CollnZfresh and Oagalthorp)

..I salute the great leaders and bloggers of the time and hope they fare well..

..I have found a link to another blog of legendary CollinZfresh but im not sure its active anymore. See for yourself..

..Bid well FOREVER..

(CollinZfresh’s speech courtesy of Jungle and Boomer)


Kick it into high geer!!!

It’s about time we expand like crazy. This is the best way to recruit, Fallow the following instructions.
First Click on the link right below
click here
Then click any of them in blue.

Then you will see the post scroll down to leave a commet saying the link to the pra site, to join please
And hit back then go back to the list of links and choose another and repeat this prosses.



I have another chance to be part of high ACP Command which I’ll hopefully be joining after my promotion to head general.

Please help by voting for Jedimaster17.



I would:

<Represent Evryone
< Help train new cadets.. although I already do.. I guess improve on it.
< I will try to stop discrimination from Members XD
< I will have more practive wars.
< I’ll make more allies
< I’ll obey orders.
<get more recruits
<throw parties :d
< try to stabilize relations between big armies and small
<and More! {etc..}

I will also stand for more land grants for smaller armies, make more alliances, and make ACP the most democratic we can.

Guys remember even if you vote against me, I don’t care its not me what matters, its ACP.

The soldiers of ACP can make a choice

For either new, leadership, a person that has a record of change, and will listen to everyone’s voices.

Or old school school politicans, who scheme there way into power, and have records of either talking about inappropriate things in front of kids #cough Shad, cussing and losing control when some one else was promoted above him #cough Jungle,  a person who’s been in ACP for a few months only #cough Aber -she’s my friend and a awesome person, but not that dedicated to ACP. We can have Miroos, who’s totally awesome but you should still vote for me.

I don’t know guys but I think you should consider who would be the best person for ACP and the rest of the CP world..